Robotics Studio for macOS

Whether you've been in the industry for decades or are just learning your first programming language, Robotary makes it fun and easy to program consumer robots on macOS.

Main Robotary Screen


Robotary is built around the Swift programming language, letting new programmers get up and running quickly. Thanks to Swift's powerful error handling model and focus on safety, you can write robust code with little effort. Meanwhile, advanced programmers can take advantage of powerful object-, functional-, and protocol-oriented paradigms.


In addition to full support for the Swift Standard Library, Robotary includes RobotKit, a robotics framework we built from the ground up for Swift. It provides access to all of your robot's hardware, including motors, sensors, buttons, and LEDs.

Here's all it takes to drive a LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 robot forward for 2 seconds and stop:

let robot = try EV3Robot()

// Access motors at ports B and C.
let motors = robot.motors(atPorts: [.B, .C])

// Drive forward in the current direction at 40% speed for 2 seconds.
wait(seconds: 2)

// Stop for 1 second.
motors.stop(applyBrakes: true)

Supported Hardware

Robotary supports the past two generations of LEGO MINDSTORMS robotics sets -- the NXT 2.0 and EV3. If your favorite robotics set isn't supported, let us know.

Code Completion

Learn by exploring with Robotary's smart and context-aware code completion system. If you've used Xcode, you'll feel right at home.

Code Completions in Robotary

Inline Errors

Made a mistake? No problem. Robotary detects errors in your code as you type, and in many cases, it can offer suggestions for fixing them.

Inline Errors in Robotary


Robotary Dashboard provides a bird's eye view of all your robot's motors and sensors, letting you inspect the state of the entire hardware stack visually as your programs are running. Six instruments are included for visualizing motor speed, ambient light, infrared sensor readings, and more.

Dashboard in Robotary


Powered by LLDB, Robotary offers a first-class debugger that lets you inspect variables and step through the execution of your programs with ease.

Debugger in Robotary


Robotary includes tools for managing your robot's storage and displaying device information.

Robotary File Browser

You can even mirror your robot's display to your Mac, perfect for teaching or giving presentations.

Robotary Screen Mirror

Robotary Remote

Robotary Remote

Robotary Remote is a free companion iPhone app that allows you to use iPhone as a remote control for your Robotary projects. Robotary Remote sends joystick and button events to Robotary, and they're easily accessible to you via the built-in RemoteKit framework. In just a few lines of code, you can drive a robot using iPhone as a joystick.

Don't own an iPhone? No problem. Robotary comes with a built-in Remote Control tool for simulating a virtual joystick interface.

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Made something great you want to share with the world? Robotary integrates with Sharing services on macOS and even lets you publish your code on GitHub Gist.

Examples and Documentation

Need some inspiration? Robotary's built-in Examples Gallery lets you learn by example. Made something cool? We'd love to include it.

Robotary also includes a built-in documentation viewer so you can quickly reference all of the Swift, RobotKit, and RemoteKit API available to you.


Robotary can communicate with devices over USB or Bluetooth. USB devices are automatically configured with zero setup necessary, and if you're just setting up a Bluetooth device for the first time, Robotary will even walk you through the pairing process.

Easy Deployment

Robotary weighs under 100 MB and has no external dependencies - perfect for deployment in schools and labs. You don't even need Xcode or third-party drivers installed to use Robotary.

Educational Discounts

We're offering 50% educational discounts as well as volume purchases to students, teachers, researchers, and schools. Please get in touch for more information (and be sure to email us from your .edu email address if you have one).


Robotary is the first Swift IDE for macOS written in Swift itself. It also takes full advantage of native system technologies including XPC services, GCD, IOKit, Mutli-peer Connectivity, and more, all while running safely in the Mac App Sandbox. Learn more.